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HT26: The Perfect Solution for Fair and Brown Complexion

Taking care of your skin is important, especially for people with fair or brown complexion. They often face challenges finding the right shower gel, soap, and bath salts that suit their specific skin type. To address this concern, HT26 offers a range of products specially designed for fair and brown complexion skin. Let's take a closer look at these products and see how they can help you.

Gentle Shower Gels for Brown and Fair Complexion

To pamper the complexion of skin abused by external aggressions, it is essential to set up a beauty ritual that begins in the shower with the use of suitable products for gentle cleansing. HT26 offers a range of soap-free shower gels of pharmaceutical quality, specially formulated for brown and fair complexion skin. The HT26 Shower Emulsion is perfect for the whole family, including toddlers. It cleanses the skin and protects it, leaving it soft and supple thanks to the glycerin. The HT26 Maximal Lightening Cleansing Gel helps to rid the skin of all its impurities and brightens the complexion. It prepares the skin to receive the various treatments and optimizes their action by promoting the opening of the pores. For those who prefer a 2-in-1 product, the Bains Soyeux HT26 range is ideal. This product acts as both a black skin shower gel and a bubble bath, providing a feeling of well-being with its captivating scents and delicate foam. Those with dark spots can benefit from the PRESCRIPTION Glutathione Concentrated Whitening Shower Gel. For the most delicate ethnic skins, HT 26 has designed surgras formulas without soap, making it a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

Moisturizing Soaps for Dry to Very Dry Skin

Cleaning black and mixed-race skin requires the use of suitable products that reduce the harmful effects of the Western climate without being aggressive. HT26 presents a range of black skin moisturizing soaps to address these challenges. The Surgras Soap HT26 is ideal for the most delicate skin, nourishing and preventing dehydration caused by hard water. The skin regains its softness and suppleness after each use. The Maximal Lightening Soap HT26 effectively eliminates dead cells and prepares the skin to receive daily care. This soap also lightens without drying the skin. The White Essence Whitening Purifying Soap is an effective ally in reducing dark spots and fighting against their appearance while deeply moisturizing the skin. This soap helps the skin regain an even, unified complexion, its suppleness, and all its beauty.

Relaxing Bath Salts for Black and Mixed Skin

To make your bath a moment of pure relaxation, HT26 has formulated a range of bath salts that rid the skin of impurities and leave a delicate scent. Softness Bath Salts with cotton flower or Sensuality Bath Salts with the sweet scent of rose, among others, offer different flavors that suit everyone's taste. These bath salts offer a unique experience that indulges the senses and provides deep relaxation.

HT26 offers a range of shower gels, soaps, and bath salts specially designed for fair and brown complexion skin. All HT26 products are tested under dermatological control and are guaranteed without hydroquinone or corticosteroids, making them safe for all skin types. Whether you're looking to brighten your complexion, reduce dark spots, or just pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, HT26 has the perfect solution for you. So, start taking care of your skin today and experience the difference with HT26.