Gentle care for delicate little ones - Discover our collection of baby products today!

Shopping for Baby Care products online

Parents of mixed-race babies face the challenge of finding the right toiletries and care products that suit their delicate skin and hair. To address this concern, HT 26 offers a wide range of treatments specially designed for mixed-race babies' skin.

Infant skin is soft and delicate but also vulnerable to external aggressions. Therefore, it requires gentle care. HT 26's online store offers a variety of care products suitable for your little one's bathroom needs. Their surgras baby soap, formulated with sweet almond oil and calendula, cleanses the skin deeply without causing irritation. For keeping the folds dry and preventing redness, it's recommended to use baby powder with absorbent, purifying, and protective properties. Regular use of HT 26 baby body milk, based on sweet almond oil and calendula extract, helps nourish and hydrate the skin, protecting it against dryness and external aggressions.

Mixed-race babies' hair, which is curly, frizzy or coiled, requires specific care. HT 26's baby gentle cleansing gel, which is soap-free and does not sting the eyes, is perfect for both hair and body cleansing. The HT 26 anti-tangle spray gently detangles your baby's curls. The softening cream oil is also recommended to deeply nourish and protect mixed-race babies' hair. With these products, parents can pamper their little ones and keep their skin and hair soft, comfortable, and healthy.